Please read before you see the tryout schedule below…..

What are you looking for in a club? A top team? At WVJ we sometimes only have one team in an age group because we are still growing. Can you make that team competitive? Sometimes we hear “I want her to be pushed and I’m ok with her not being the best player on the team.” Be careful with this approach because do the best players on the team want to be around someone not up to speed?

Do you want a starter position? Honestly that cannot be determined until the player is evaluated as the training methods are put into play. We train different from other programs and we expect for there to be a competitive and intense nature to our training sessions. We will not give a spot to someone who has not earned it. Being the starting middle on Team A from Club Zero means nothing. Why not work for your spot, Old school I know but hey…

Are you concerned about playing time? Are you really paying money for playing time?

Here is what WVJ is about during the tryout phase:

  1. We take players who will be a good fit for the program period. This is based on a certain criteria that we use to determine who is a good fit from the mental, physical and ultimately the volleyball perspective.
  2. Here is the kicker….if we see the potential of forming more than one team (remember we are still growing) we will not announce teams until December. I know you are about to close your browser and go the lawn that is greener but allow this explanation:

Player one is told “you are on the top team! Commit now or else!” And player one is so
beside themselves that they commit. Thank you very much give me your bank account
number. While player two is accepted on to the second team and of course commits
because hey why not. The shirts are made, the bling is printed and boom the roster is
official. Now the rest of July happens and then August, September, October (105 days mind you)
and wow player two took lessons, got in shape, watched their diet while player
one had Cheetos, pizza and caught up on Netflix and hung out with their friends all summer.
(and I can only say this because I have witnessed it many times).

Here comes November. The training cycles, the practices. The expectation of upholding
a “top team” stature and player one just caves. Player two flourishes. Now why in the
world would we create a team of starters, top team players and positions 105 days before
the first ball is even touched!?

  1. We train every skill. Better than anyone in the area actually. If you have a player who is a middle in school they will still learn how to pass, play defense correctly, serve etc. We teach the 7 basic skills of the sport properly and regularly at all times. Players will never say “I only play middle” to a coach rather they will say “I can do whatever you need me to do” and do it well. By the way those of you that are counting the basic skills of the sport you came up with 6 and forgot movement. Movement is the sport. The sport is played with the feet. So yeah, 7 skills.
  2. Come to tryouts expecting that the return on your investment will be met with the highest quality training and coaching. We take ourselves very serious when it comes to 7 months of practices and competition. Coaches dress professionally, we treat players like athletes and we will always make sure that the program is represented well locally and during travel. We believe in winning championships and we create and uphold a championship driven mindset and culture.

Thank you for considering WVJ for your new (not next) stop in the club volleyball world.

For our tryout schedule and to register online please click here.