During the course of the season and especially the summer months WVJ is heavily desired for private and group lessons. What happens in a lesson is essential to offering tools for immediate and long term use. Whether it is a “tune up” prior to a tournament or a series of sessions to help maintain and grow through a skill or skills the way the lessons are handled is crucial.

For example, one day I (Felipe Coronel) was in a tournament and the team was off and waiting for the next match. There was a lesson on an empty court being given from a coach to an outside hitter. Since I am very particular about efficiency and time management, I decided to run a stopwatch to the ratio of the amount of tosses to the amount of talk given from the coach. At one point it was 2 min 30 seconds of talking to 5 touches on the ball. Then another minute then about 3 more touches. Then a lengthy seminar on how to do it and about another 10 touches of the ball. Now maybe that is what the player wanted but, was it an efficient use of time? No. Instruction in lessons with WVJ is deliberate and precise with quality contacts on the ball. I have also heard coaches say “the more touches the better!” Agreed, but touches on the ball without a technically driven application equals empty touches on the ball. Is it perfect? Our clients like it. Is it used? Absolutely. Is it desired? Very much.

¬†For deliberate, purposeful and precise private and group lessons you can contact us. We are more than willing to give you a trial lesson to help you understand that the sport is more than just putting the ball over the net. It’s fun. And it’s even more fun the better you are.

Pricing is as follows:

Private lesson: $70

Semi-private lesson: $

Group less of 3-6: $

Large group lesson: $