WVJ is currently in the stages of beginning its fourth year in the Houston area offering high level training and development to players of all ages. With the vast amounts of programs in the area clients have a lot to choose from and being in the early stages of a program people may wonder why WVJ. We don’t have the huge building (yet), we don’t lose you in the shuffle, (ever), rather we treat every client with the purpose of giving you a place to hang your hat. Funny saying I know, but you can hang your hat here, relax and know that the return on the investment is exceptional. Here are a few keys to the program that you may find helpful:

We have grown in numbers from 8 original players to housing and training over 50 in three years. Of these players the majority have played into their competitive teams in their schools and have established a technique that will soon be utilized in the collegiate arena.

  1. The style of training is unlike any other. Players and teams are trained following a precise cycle of work dependent on the time of year they are in. This allows the teams and coaches to be involved with a deliberate type of training done over a long period of time. Again, a DELIBERATE style of training. See what that is by clicking here
  2. Clients from other programs’ higher teams and collegiate players come to WVJ for their training needs for a reason. The technical aspects of the game are taught in a precise manner so that they can utilize these tools into the tactical part of the sport. A lot of times we see teams working on tactics when they can’t pass a ball to the target and I know you know what I mean by this. It is essential to learn the skills right and to learn them often to put them into play.
  3. Long term growth means that we are looking out for the players’ best interests when they leave the club to advance into their school season year after year. This is done from the younger players through their careers and also the older player coming in the club to advance through the skills. Is it better to join young? Absolutely. But the training is at a higher level no matter the age and even one season has worked wonders.
  4. The amount of hours spent in the training environment outweigh the amount of hours spent playing, hands down. Training hours are just that – hours spent training. Queen of the Court…. (why?) ….is not part of training and we just don’t do that. However to prepare for a play weekend we will run, again, deliberate and purposeful drills for the players to use their skills in the competitive environment against an opponent. This is not junior high or an open gym. We make players better by making things happen the right way through consistent training applications.

To experience what all this means please contact us. We train better. We prepare better. We execute at a high level. And it works.

This season we will look to fill 8 teams from 17’s  to 11/12 years old. Spaces are limited as we look to only carry 10-12 players per team so if you are looking for the best “bang for your buck” then please feel free to contact us and attend a lesson to see what type of training you will receive for your investment.