World Volleyball Juniors offers preseason, in season and post season training options. As we continue to grow, the questions that arise are… do we offer camps or clinics?   A camp is one week, multiple day/hours training series that concentrates on skills and drills for player development. During these camps, we have coaches apply the techniques needed to help advance the players’ level. We don’t do Crazy Sock Day.  We will not give an award for “juggling.” The players are there to perform skills at a level that will help them in the long run for their school coach. If someone is accepted to an A team or to a varsity team because they juggled the most balls or wore the craziest socks please contact me and I will gladly move to another country. Tomorrow!

A clinic is a series of training sessions held on certain days through a period of weeks that can be attended by multiple and even different players.

For the fall we are now offering a Passing/Attacking fall series that will run from September 12th – October 24th on Monday from 6-8PM this series will be offered for high school ages only.  The cost is $60.00 each for the two hours sessions.  If you are interested in all of the session you can sign up for the entire series for $400.00.

Passing/Attacking Fall Series – click here to register or for more information